This blog is an exploration of my ideas and expectations of design, technology, and the integration of both into our everyday lives.

Technology is not something we're able to escape, and nor should we as in all of the chaos of life there is endless strategic opportunity for improvement—with technology being the spearhead. We should be designing to better integrate, rather than balance.

Naturally the opinions expressed within the entirety of this site are my own, and not that of any client, employer, or vendor.

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Each of the posts is broken into one of three categories and identified by one of the following icons:


Opinion pieces are articles covering topics that I feel very strongly about, and am sharing my view on the subject. I try to be as open minded as possible when expressing these opinions, but then again they’re exactly that.

Risky ideas

Articles within the Risky Ideas category is a topic that’s relatively new to me that I want to explore, or am exploring as part of both design and written exercises.

Unknown waters

Unknown waters is something particularly advanced. It’s future thinking, guessing, and largely about trying to consider the way that either organisations interface with individuals, or the other way around.

It’s where I’d like to spend the majority of my writing time, but there is safety in opinion.


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